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Spokane, WA Energy Cost Comparison

Electricity, Natural Gas, Heating Oil or Propane?

The chart below shows the costs of each type of fuel, and how much energy you get for the money from each.

Fuel Type Unit Cost
Per Unit
Per Unit
Cost Per
Million Btu
Electricity1 kWh $0.06 3,412 $17.58
Natural Gas2 therm $.85 100,000 $8.50
No. 2 Heating Oil3 gallon $4.00 138,690 $28.84
Liquid Propane4 gallon $2.49 91,333 $27.26

  • 1Cost for Electricity quoted at $05.794 per kWh (for first 600 kWh), then at $06.9 per kWh for up to 700 additional kWh, and cost of $08.254 per kWh for all electricity over 1300 kWh, quoted by Avista Utilities. Chart uses average of 700 kWh.

  • 2Cost for Natural Gas quoted at $.85 per therm (at the meter) by Avista Utilities.

  • 3Cost for No. 2 Heating Oil based on average cash price for minimum delivery of 150 gallons, (updated 10/10/2011).

  • 4Cost for Liquid Propane based on cash price and minimum delivery of 120 gallons.

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