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Rebates and Tax Credits

Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. staff is very familiar with the utility rebate programs and the Energy Star program requirements. We're glad to personally answer any questions that you may have regarding the tax credits or rebates available, please call today (509) 324-7884 or use our handy online form to request FREE ESTIMATES.

Avista Utilities:

Natural Gas Furnace

A $250 rebate is available for installation of a high efficiency natural gas furnace of 90% AFUE (efficiency) or greater. AFUE verification requires an AHRI Certificate.

Variable Speed Motor

A $100 rebate is available to Avista electric customers for installation of a primary heating forced air system that incorporates a variable speed motor. This rebate may be combined with a high efficiency rebate.

High Efficiency Heat Pump - NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Conversions from Electric

Replacement of Electric Straight Resistance as Primary Heat

A $900 rebate is available to Avista electric customers who replace electric straight resistance as their primary heat (i.e. electric forced air furnace or electric baseboard heat) with a central natural gas heating system or central air source heat pump. This rebate may be claimed in addition to the high-efficient natural gas furnace/boiler rebate. Customer usage will be reviewed and must demonstrate that a minimum kilowatt hour usage of electric straight resistance occurred during the previous heating season.

Disclaimer: Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. does not guarantee any rebates or tax incentives available through the local utility companies or Federal Government. It is the homeowner's responsibility to make sure that they qualify for the rebates and incentives and that all the products qualify before the products are installed. It is also the homeowner's responsibility to obtain and submit all necessary documents to receive the tax credits and rebates.

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