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Installing a new digital programmable thermostat is one of the lowest cost improvements you can make to an older home heating (and cooling) system. The benefits are reduced energy costs and increased comfort.

digital programmable thermostats

Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. carries several brands and models of thermostats and can assist you in choosing the right one for your needs.

How do digital programmable thermostats save energy?

While older electronic or mechanical thermostats simply switch your furnace (and/or air conditioner) off or on to maintain a single preset temperature, newer digital programmable thermostats may be set to adjust the temperature of your home of business several times each day, and at different times on weekdays and weekends. By delivering the heating or cooling when you need it, and optimizing temperature for activity, sleep and times you are away you can maximize your comfort level and save energy.

Upgrading an older thermostat to a newer digital programmable thermostat can save $180 or more annually off your total home energy bill!

A Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. sales rep will be more than happy to explain how installing a new digital programable thermostat will help save you money each month and provide a more comfortable environment to live in. please call today (509) 324-7884 or use our handy online form to request FREE ESTIMATES.

Lennox icomfort™ Wi-Fi

icomfort smart phone capable

Incredible Capabilities with a Touch

Remote Access

Connecting icomfort Wi-Fi through your wireless network gives you the ability to control from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device.

Alerts & Reminders

icomfort Wi-Fi will monitor itself with advanced diagnostics and send you alerts and emails if the system needs service or maintenance.

One-Touch Away Mode

One touch or remote click will put your system into One-Touch Away Mode, reducing system use and energy consumption when no one is home.

Weather Data

The icomfort Wi-Fi can display live weather alerts and a five-day forecast

Touchscreen Operation

Bright Clear Screen is easy to read in any light, easy to operate with just one finger

Peace of Mind

The icomfort Wi-Fi is built to deliver more and built to last. Enjoy reliable comfort season after season.

Balanced Air Quality

icomfort Wi-Fi works with your Lennox System to carefully control both temperature and humidity

The icomfort App

Free to download for Apple and android devices, the icomfort App is like a touchscreen window into your home comfort. On the road or on the couch, simply start the app to check and change your temperature with only a finger,

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