Spokane, WA Energy Cost Comparison

monthly home heating cost comparison chart

Disclaimer: Cost comparison chart is based on 10,236,000 BTU'S -- which is an average cost for a $300 month heating bill on straight electric heat with Avista Utilities. This chart is intended to show the comparison between energy sources and efficiency differences per energy source and utility company January 2018. Do not use this chart to calculate your monthly heating bills.

Primary Heating SystemEfficiency of System   Fuel Cost   Monthly Home
Heating Costs
Electric Heat100%$0.10 per kWh$300.00
Heat Pump270%$0.10 per kWh$111.00
Ductless293%$0.10 per kWh$103.45
Natural Gas80%$0.91 per Therm$116.43
Natural Gas95%$0.91 per Therm$98.05
Natural Gas98%$0.91 per Therm$95.05
Oil80%$2.45 per Gallon$217.51
Propane95%$1.95 per Gallon$228.38

Inland Power
Primary Heating SystemEfficiency of SystemFuel CostMonthly Home
Heating Costs
Electric Heat100%$0.085 per kWh$195.00
Heat Pump270%$0.065 per kWh$72.22
Ductless293%$0.065 per kWh$65.55
Natural Gas80% N/A
Natural Gas95% N/A
Natural Gas98% N/A
Oil80% N/A
Propane95% N/A

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