Rebates and Tax Credits

In search of tax credits and rebates you can apply to a new heating and cooling system? Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. staff is familiar with the utility rebate programs and the Energy Star program requirements. We're happy to personally answer any questions that you may have regarding the available tax credits or rebates. Listed below are the current rebates from Avista, Inland Power, Modern Electric Water Company and Vera Power.

Avista Rebates

Natural Gas Furnace / Boiler (90% AFUE >)$300
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater (.82 >)$200
Heat Pump Water Heater (0 - 54 gal of 1.8 EF >)$200
Variable Speed Motor$80
Electric to Ductless Heat Pump$500
Electric to Central Ducted Heat Pump$700
Electric to Natural Gas Furnace$1,500
Electric to Natural Gas, furnace and Water Heater Combo$2,250
Electric Baseboard to Natural Gas Wall Heat or Stove$1,300
Smart Thermostat (contractor install)$75
Smart Thermostat (self install)$60
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Inland Power Rebates

Inland Power
Basic Ducted Heat Pump (HSPF 8.2 / SEER 14)$300
High Efficiency or Variable Speed Ducted Heat Pump (HSPF 9+/SEER 14+):  
New Construction/Replacement/Upgrade$500
Adding to Electric Forced Air Furnace$1,000
Ground Source Heat Pump$2,500
Ductless Heat Pump replacing zonal heat$800
Ductless Heat Pump replacing an electric forced air furnace$1,000
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Modern Electric Water Co. and
Vera Water and Power Rebates

Vera rebates
Ductless Heat Pump: Existing zonal heat
(baseboard, ceiling cable, wall, electric hydronic)
Ductless Heat Pump: Existing forced air electric$1,000
Heat Pump Conversion from existing Forced Air Electric Furnace to New Heat Pump (HSPF 9.0> and SEER 14)$1,400
Heat Pump Upgrade from existing Heat Pump OR adding a Heat Pump to a zonal or non-electric heating system
(HSPF 9.0> and SEER 14)
Heat Pump Commissioning &
Controls (HSPF 7.7> and SEER 13)
PTCS Duct Sealing or Prescriptive Duct Sealing, Existing Site$250
PTCS Duct Sealing or Prescriptive Duct Sealing, Manufactured$200
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Disclaimer: Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. does not guarantee any rebates or tax incentives available through the local utility companies or Federal Government. It is the homeowner's responsibility to make sure that they qualify for the rebates and incentives and that all the products qualify before the products are installed. It is also the homeowner's responsibility to obtain and submit all necessary documents to receive the tax credits and rebates.