What does 95% Efficient Mean?

How much of the energy a particular furnace converts to heat, (and how much is lost due to the work required by the system), is known as "efficiency".

In Spokane, WA, the average heating season in 36 weeks and the average cooling season is approximately 16 weeks. The average annual energy cost for a (4)bdrm, (2)bath residential home using a combined Natural Gas & Electric HVAC system was approximately $2,000.

A system that is only 50% efficient produces only $0.50 worth of heat or cooling for every dollar spent on energy!

In regards to furnaces and other HVAC equipment, energy and heat or measured by BTU. To compare the efficiency of one furnace to another, you calculate how much the fuel costs and how much heat is produced.

In mathematical [and "dollars and cents"] terms, efficiency can be calculated by comparing how many BTU of heat per dollar are produced versus how many BTU of energy one dollar worth of fuel "should" produce.

A representative from Spokane Comfort Systems, Inc. will be more than happy to show you how installing a high efficiency combined Electric and Natural Gas HVAC to heat and cool your home can save thousands of dollars over the cost of using home heating oil or other energy sources.

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